16 years ago, I had an epiphany about the kitchen business…

My rent had just gone up…again. And with overhead, it didn’t seem sensible to keep the showroom open. So, I decided to close it.

As I sold off displays, a contractor called and said he was working on several kitchen projects. “Are you in or out?” he asked. I decided to look at them.

I brought along door samples, color blocks and brochures. The homeowners selected what they liked. What I didn’t have, I promised to get. Then, we kicked around designs based on how they wanted the kitchen to look and work. I could immediately show them what worked…and what didn’t.

Then it hit me. If I could bring the showroom to the homeowner’s kitchen table, I’d save us both time, money and aggravation. It was my ‘light bulb’ moment. And for 16 years, homeowners have been telling me they love it!

Here’s the thing. When you’re paying for a showroom, the big trick is to get people into it and ‘wow’ them with gorgeous displays. But what looks great in a showroom may not look good or work in your home.

Now, don’t let the simplicity of my ‘big idea’ fool you. Read more about our process. If you still don’t think it’s for you, go ahead and troll the showrooms. After you’re thoroughly confused, call me. Because I promise, I’ll help you create a kitchen that will be a source of pleasure and pride for years to come.

"Michael is a true professional. He is experienced, meticulous and responsive. He has deep knowledge of his products and thought of every detail. Michael came to our house at least five times. He spent hours with us going over drawings, showing us cabinet and counter top samples and making sure everything was in order. "
Scott, Pleasantville, NY, 2016
"Mike came to our home, and we discussed what we wanted to do. Doing everything in the house makes it easy to picture the finished product. Mike is very accommodating and easy to work with. He responds to questions and concerns promptly and thoroughly. We would highly recommend the Kitchen Loft for your kitchen project. "
Eileen, 2016
"With Michael's experience, flexibility, and great attention detail, he was able to design a beautiful and functional new kitchen that we love. Michael was extremely responsive and worked well with our budget, timeline and requirements."
Julie & Roberto, Rye Brook, NY, 2016
"We love our new kitchen and have Michael to thank! He was extremely professional and easy to work with. Michael quickly understood our vision for our remodel and contributed several cost-cutting solutions to help us stick to our budget. We were thrilled with the end result. He was accurate and extremely thorough from beginning to end. "
Cara & John, Bronxville, NY, 2016
"The first time you meet Mike, you’ll know right away that he loves what he does. It was so convenient, having him come to our home. He professionally guided us through our first major renovation, offering his honest opinion in some of the areas where I was confused or undecided."
Kathy, Larchmont, NY, 2015
"We looked at many showrooms, spoke with many people, and finally found Mike, who was what we had been looking for all along: someone who actually had our best interests in mind and who listened to us. Meeting with him in our home meant that all of our conversations were relevant to the actual project - he could see what would work and what wouldn't be feasible. "
Dan H., Larchmont, NY, 2014
"I had redone my kitchen cabinets four years earlier and, unfortunately, they were completely unsatisfactory. Michael Laurence patiently helped me to select a suitable replacement. The cabinets are not only functionally perfect but beautiful too. Michael's technical skills are on target and he is good to his word - a winning combination. "
Carol M., Riverdale, NY, 2014
"The Kitchen Loft came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Mike was generous with his time and meticulous with design details. He worked well with my contractor and was responsive to my input. I have a gorgeous, highly functional kitchen thanks to The Kitchen Loft."
Erna K., Irvington, NY, 2014
"Michael Laurence met with us and helped us compile bath and kitchen designs. Based on our desires, he assembled an order that was delivered on time. When minor problems occurred, they were all dealt with quickly, professionally and to our complete satisfaction. I would recommend The Kitchen Loft, without reservations, to anyone considering any kitchen or bath project for complete honesty and great value."
Leandro L., Pleasantville, NY, 2014
"Michael was very helpful, incisive, and professional throughout the process of transforming an admittedly-odd space (what had been a garage) into my new "retirement cottage," complete with a wonderfully functional kitchen. I would highly recommend The Kitchen Loft to anyone interested in creating a new, or remodeling an old, kitchen."
Beehap, South Salem, NY, 2012
"We cannot say enough about Michael Laurence and his company, Kitchen Loft. Mike was there every step of the way, from conception and design to installation. He really knows his stuff and was exceptionally conscientious and detailed in every aspect of the job from consultation, to measurement, to installation and finishing. We consider ourselves fortunate that we used Mike and the Kitchen Loft for our small kitchen design. "
Pat and William, Dobbs Ferry, NY, 2012
"We really appreciated Kitchen Loft's approach and small kitchen design ideas. What set Michael apart was his patience and ability to answer all questions, enabling us to focus on one decision at a time yet meeting our project timeline. His ability to meet on location was an enormous benefit - this alone really can't be overstated due to our busy schedules."
Chris, Bronxville, NY, 2011
"We just had our new kitchen installed. It looks fabulous. From the very first meeting with Michael from Kitchen Loft and throughout the process, he was most helpful, insightful, responsive, professional and skilled. What outstanding service and very fair pricing! We would recommend Kitchen Loft to anyone that is looking to remodel or upgrade their kitchen. We could not have been more pleased."
Joe, South Salem, NY, 2011
"Working with Michael on our kitchen was a pleasure. Everything ended up better than we could have asked. Both my wife and I gained weight because all we do is hang out in the kitchen and eat. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough!"
Jonathan and Lisa, Chappaqua, NY, 2011
"Our kitchen is just completed and it's perfect. Mike from Kitchen Loft was patient, honest, easy to work with and most importantly, knowledgeable and meticulous. He kept us on our budget and was there every step of the way. We are thrilled with the results. Thank you for all your help."
Mary, Yorktown Heights, NY, 2011
"My kitchen is 98% complete and I couldn't be happier with everything. Thank you for doing an amazing job for me. "
Lisa, South Salem, NY, 2010
"I've been in business for 20 years. I've worked on kitchens with many other kitchen companies. No one gives service like Mike, from the initial meeting through the last handle being installed. If I have a question, Mike is always available. I know of no one except him who is there when the cabinets are delivered, who talks my installers through the installation. No one else gives service like that."
Thomas Stone Contracting, Bronxville, NY
"Mike is always on top of things, so we're able to keep our jobs on schedule and our problems are resolved quickly."
George Keiling & Sons General Contractors, Dobbs Ferry, NY
"Mike combines a service-oriented attitude with a strong passion for small kitchen design. Our customers are professionals with busy schedules who find Mike's 'in-the-home' program to be both convenient and time saving. Knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail are the hallmarks of his business. We would recommend him without hesitation."
Angelilli Construction Corp, South Salem, NY

Case Studies

“A ‘country-lite’ kitchen…”

Few homeowners have the knowledge and expertise to manage a major kitchen renovation, much less an entire house.  Fortunately, Daphne and her husband had the advantage of working in the trades. And their professional experience proved invaluable throughout the months-long project.

The couple intended to re-imagine the living space for the entire house.  On the main floor, the interior walls were coming down and it would be my responsibility to help them create a unique kitchen space within this soon-to-be great room.

We faced several challenges.  For one thing, Daphne and her husband led busy lives and were renting an apartment while work went on at their house.  That meant meetings at both locations, multiple times, at night and on weekends, to look at door samples and color blocks until Daphne was satisfied with her choices.

The aesthetics proved equally challenging as Daphne sought a modern interpretation of a country-style kitchen. Cabinetry with inset doors and drawers and a farm sink reflected a country aesthetic, while the door style, wood and finish presented a more contemporary look.

Then we tackled the design.  The big trick here was to listen to what Daphne and her husband wanted.  Running through some design concepts helped them select the major elements of the design: cabinetry, appliances, fixtures and accessories. By doing this on the job site, we could visualize how their one-of-a-kind kitchen would come together.

We decided to make the stove area a focal point of the kitchen.  We customized an oversized wood hood with large, recessed corbels and placed beefy turnings on either side of the stove.  Then the window opening was positioned so that a symmetrical group of wall cabinets with upper glass doors would fit properly.

To strengthen the country-style design theme, we added an end cap with corbels and a wainscot back panel to the island.  Finally, we used transom wall cabinetry to take advantage of the oversized room height.

Kitchen design is truly a partnership between the client, the kitchen designer and the general contractor. For the whole story, feel free to contact me.

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“Make it pretty…”

Her townhouse in Hastings-on-Hudson was stylishly furnished and decorated, yet surprisingly warm and inviting.  So, when Sharon asked me to help her with the design and selection of cabinetry, counter tops and accessories for her new kitchen, I knew she wanted to create a special room.

We faced two challenges.  To begin with, while the townhouse had plenty of living space, storage on the main floor was limited.  Secondly, given the narrow width of the kitchen, a corridor or galley cabinet configuration was the only feasible design.  While corridor-style kitchens are quite functional, they are also often aesthetically boring.

As it turned out, selecting the cabinetry was the easy part. After reviewing cabinetry door styles with Sharon, we narrowed it down to those with a recessed flat panel and matching drawer. Sharon was also dead set on a white opaque finish on maple wood, so I returned to her home with a full range of Shaker-door styles and a box of color blocks.

Once Sharon made her selections, I ordered a fresh door sample from the factory to confirm her decisions. That proved useful when she went to select tile and other decorative materials for the kitchen.

Frankly, the real challenge was the cabinet design.  Specifically, how much and what kind of pantry storage, where to put the appliances and fixtures, how to balance the counter top spacing, and, above all, how to avoid a monotonous run of cabinets.  All this, and it had to be pretty!

I came up with a three-part design solution:

  1. I employed a combination of transom and standard wall/tall cabinetry at different heights and depths. This tactic creates visual interest by moving the eye around the room.
  1. Sharon wanted a decorative hood, so we designed one with corbels as the primary focal point for the stove wall. Then I suggested we add decorative turnings to both sides of the sink and stove.
  1. Sharon selected crystal knobs for the doors and drawers, which added a truly elegant touch to the cabinetry.

Kitchen design is truly a partnership between the client, the kitchen designer and the general contractor.  For the whole story, feel free to contact me.

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So What's Our Secret?

The Kitchen Loft offers a unique ‘in-the-home’ kitchen design experience. I’ll help you select the cabinetry of your choice and propose design alternatives to make your storage and floor space work harder. All of this is done in the home, where you can easily visualize all the available options.

Here’s how it works:

  1. I link you to my factory websites, and you pick out the things you think you might like.
  2. I bring samples of what you’ve selected, plus things I think might interest you.
  3. At your kitchen table, or walking around the room, we’ll ‘blue sky’ designs and work in appliances, sinks, islands and whatever else you need to create your dream kitchen.

According to a recent study, homeowners visit an average of 8.1 showrooms before making a remodeling decision! Why go through all that when I can bring all the options to you?


It’s not magic. I’ve simply learned, over 25 years, to listen to what my clients want. Then I help them achieve it. And, I can promise you this: together, we’ll transform your old kitchen into a wonderful space that will be a source of pleasure and pride for years to come.

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